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About Us

We are professional fitness specialists committed to designing, constructing and managing innovative, industry-leading gyms in private homes, residential developments or corporate sites and commercial space throughout India and worldwide. Whether it is in-home personal workout room, a corporate gym or a large residential development, we provide every type of service that a customer needs to create the perfect fitness space. You just need to provide a dedicated space; we make your gym right from the scratch and handle every aspect that you require us to do, let it be setting up the gym to managing it, planning and making design layout to providing trainers, or just providing gym equipments to even managing a ready facility on retainer bases.

Our Master Skills

OUR GYM PROCESS With a wealth of experience, we are able to call upon different experts from within our team depending on your specific requirements. This allows us to provide an individually tailored proposal and an exceptional gym design service from start to finish.


If you are a fitness enthusiast but your work hours don’t permit you to go and work-out away from home at the time you wish, don’t worry! We provide you the facilities of a personally dedicated gym along with the trainer. This would be beneficial to you in many ways.

  • Train whenever you want 24*7
  • Right from the interiors, to equipments, to trainers, it will be us who would manage your gym.
  • Create your own environment, right from listening to your own music to placing the TV
  • No waiting for the equipments, you can bring along your friends and families at no extra cost, because YOU ARE THE BOSS!!
  • This not only adds value to your home, but also adds healthy lifestyle in your baggage. After all, “Health is Wealth.”


How about increasing the productivity and retaining the employees for a longer run? How about in this pressure driven work hours, they are always willing to come to work happily? It doesn’t require much of an effort from your end. You just need to contact us with the details and we will sort everything from nothing. A dedicated space is all what we require. Headache of designing, purchasing equipments to maintaining them and recruiting trainers, we have got you covered here.

  • Constant work pressure and frustration leads to lesser productivity. Motivating them by providing them spare or extra time for their long-term health and well-being will result gradually in improving company’s bottom-line.
  • Research showed that the companies which executed the fitness and gym installation resulted in decrease in sick-leaves, absenteeism and lower turn – over rates. So install a gym and become an example!

The concept of gyms in a residential society / apartment is not new. But the concept has always been evolving. Person wants to see himself as well as his family to live a healthy life. He buys a home hardly once or twice in his entire life for which he saves money for some years. How about helping his healthy life-style and rewarding his efforts by providing him the gym at his doorstep? Trust us; you would see a lot of easy profits made by just adding this value proposition to your property.

  • Providing a little space in your property can make a high-end fitness centre will not only make you look unique but also make you look innovative.
  • You will create your revenue model by using gymnasiums as a positive and fitness conscious publicity.

                                                            WHY DESIGN IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU

At Make Your Gym we know that the right design for your gym can revolutionize your appeal and your revenue potential. You will be able to attract and retain the best Personal Trainers. You will have more people attending and telling their friends about your gym. The design of your facility needs to work for you, your staff and trainers, and for your members and customers. Good design enables members and trainers to operate safely and workout hard in well equipped, specific areas.

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